Are you confused on how to choose?

The Home Renovation is critical and we all need to know how to choose a renovator.

Here you are, a few tips:

1 – When you call a renovator ask him to bring his Metro license for the initial meeting.
      So you can see what kind of trade license he has. Is he renovator? Carpenter?
      Plumber? How many trade licenses does he carry and what is his specialty? Example

2 – When you choose your renovator be sure he carries the following:
      A - $2000,000.00 liability insurance.
      B – Workers compensation number (WSIB = workplace safety & insurance board )
      C – Three to six references, so you can ask about his skills, attitude and

3 – Put everything in writing: your contractor is your right hand. It is to both of your
      benefits to have a detailed written agreement. This way you protect each other.


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